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Selling characters

Journal Entry: Thu May 14, 2015, 7:58 PM

lots of humanoids!!! heres some flatsales

by twinelights $25 by hunniebuzz
by twinelights
comes with 1 piece of art by me

by koru-ru $2 by hunniebuzz
by koru-ru
comes with 1 piece of art by me

Raeinni (2) by hunniebuzz
by raeinni
comes with 7 pieces of art

and here's some i'm trading
Trickyadopts by hunniebuzz PileofJunk by hunniebuzz Evelyn by hunniebuzz
if interested please only offer ferals ahh


Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2015, 4:10 PM

sorry this is a little venty

once i find a good bank account i'll probably be opening commissions and doing more YCHs, etc

the stress i have when i don't do it is overwhelming the stress i have when i have a to do list
i have little to no money to do anything with and it makes me really nervous

i really need a "solid" income

there's just so many complications

sometimes i get so sick i can't draw for days

and the other issue is my hand. it's felt better the past week, but i'm afraid of what would
happen if it got worse suddenly? my financial aid is going thru so if it gets bad i may get
an xray of it done but otherwise i think i'm going to just keep icing and stretching it in hopes
that it just settles down and goes away.

regardless of what my body does?? i can't NOT draw. i NEED to draw
i need the stress relief, i need the work. 

but if i work i'm kind of terrified of taxes???? i was never taught how they work
i don't know when i need to deal with them. i don't know how much i need to save for them

i'm just a bundle of stress right now i hate being an adult i hate being disabled i hate it

all i can do now is just get a bank, take commissions and deal with shit as it comes
thinking every second "wow i hope this works" along the way

sorry for my on-off "im going on hiatus!" the past month
i'm very stressed and i don't know what to do really
i keep getting mixed responses and getting told to do different things

i just need to find what works for me i guess

Help me name my characters!!

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 9:49 AM

My babies need names and I'm terrible at them!
If I get multiple names and I may throw a poll up so you all can help me decide.

If your name gets picked, I may give you a sketchy chibi??
It'll have to wait for a few weeks since I can't draw with my tendinitis right now, but,,
or 100 points if you'd prefer that!


Unnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzz
Unnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzz
Unnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzz
Unnamed by hunniebuzz