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about my art trades

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 6:16 AM

if im tagging you it means neither of us have posted our part of the art trade

foozay Lacrirosa amigo Budgie-Wing PrePAWSterous LunarAdopts 

due to my computer dying and my hard drive failing i've pretty much lost everything i had

i can use my girlfriends laptop for commissions and such but

if you haven't started on your part at all i would really love if we could cancel

if you dont mind waiting until i finish my commissions for me to start art trades, then we dont have to cancel
but having them on my to do list with no laptop to work on them and little to no energy is really stressing me out

i really dont want to do this and im so sorry. i feel horrible.

if you all want, once i get my hands on a laptop again, we can do an art trade
but right now i just can't
please understand. im so sorry

[ Features #1 ]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 3:29 PM

Hi everyone! ♥

This is how this is gonna work:
Every 2 weeks, I'm gonna choose 6 watchers of mine to feature!
1 will be of my own choice-- this can be for any reason.
The rest will be chosen via!

PLEASE take a look at all of their galleries!

Consider giving them a watch too, or even commission them! ♥

Lets get started!

My choice


Fireflies by TiriKou Forest Light by TiriKou Glorious Friends by TiriKou
I chose TiriKou this week because she's been so incredibly sweet to me!
I absolutely adore her art-- she's very skilled and her pieces are a huge
inspiration to me. She deserves so much more love-- please give her gallery a look!


*OTA/Closed* Death's Rose Floral by FrappeccinoInsert Witty Chicken Joke Here by Frappeccino *Gift/Fanart*Fall Weather by Frappeccino
Frappeccino's art is incredibly unique!! I love their pieces with backgrounds--
they're really creative and gorgeous! Check out their adoptables, they make some great designs!!


Bhiarr Species Sheet by Maisyy Turtle Doodle by Maisyy Maisy Doodle by Maisyy
I love Maisyy's art! It's so sweet and cute, it makes me happy
just looking at it. ♥ They're also very skilled with pixels!


mega diancie! by MissElizaRose Ho-Oh by MissElizaRose Roselia for Hoenn Collab by MissElizaRose
MissElizaRose has gorgeous art!! Her background work is beautiful and flows
so well. It was hard to choose 3 things from her gallery- they're all amazing!


 Commission #27- Verdi-gris by Jiratai Commission #39- Hollowroot by Jiratai Commission #37- sonyasim55 by Jiratai
Uggh such an amazing style. Jiratai's art is wonderful and their gallery
is full of colorful characters!! Not to mention her line work is so gorgeous and soft!


 Rising Sun (DTA) by Sadbloom Starry Night by Sadbloom Blessing (DTA) by Sadbloom
Sadbloom has a stunning gallery!! The backgrounds and poses are so full
of variety, and their coloring is beautiful!

Thank you all so much

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 6:20 PM

Ah I'm not sure how to start this...

I really want to say thank you to all of you.
Thank you for being here, talking to me, everything.

I know I don't talk much or anything but in some way I want
to show my appreciation for all of you.

So just... thank you. Thank you all so much!
I'm planning a big giveaway for when I hit 2k watchers
to hopefully give back to you guys a bit. 

Also, I'm going to feature some gifts I've gotten recently!

PLEASE click on these and look through the artists galleries!

They're all amazing artists and deserve so much more love!!
Swimmin` in the ocean by SushiLionRose Dancer by misty-pawsThree Cuties by DaffoDille

.good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught by StarIiqhts Chibi Set 1 by plexusdynasty. born to die by kowai-kuma
Commission Example Fullbody Simple Shading by catpainHunniumz Gift! by KatKRChibi 4 by AKKIRE123
Sunset Fun by TiriKou

The fact that some of you have taken the time out of YOUR days
to do something for me... it really means so much to me.
Honestly, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I love you guys and I hope to be able to give back to you all in the future. ;-;
Just.. thank you.

Commissions [ CLOSED ]

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 14, 2014, 9:43 PM

if i didnt accept you this time, feel free to post when i reopen!!
i really had to pick and choose here, i didn't want to get too overloaded
but you all have amazing characters ;_;

[ commission ] lacrirosa by hunniebuzz for xally by hunniebuzz
rainbow cupcake by hunniebuzz [ commission ] kainaa by hunniebuzz
$7 / 700 :points:

1. MileyKittyCat
2. Velums
3. MarshaIILee
4. CoffeeCupPup
5. TlgerTears
6. monochromera
7. Bowdino

♥ = paid

not first come first serve
i'll reply to you if i choose you ; v ;

so i know if i can draw your character or not!
i love being able to choose from a bunch <3

i require payment before i start
please tell me whether you'll be doing points or paypal
please be ready to send it as soon as i accept!

general commission info

art trades? [ CLOSED ]

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 7:31 PM

i probably wont start unless your part 
has been finished first if i have commissions!

please understand, and feel free to cancel at any time <3

i don't typically like doing them but i decided to for a bit

this isn't first come first serve, and i'll
be taking as many slots as i think i can take on ; v;

they'll be in this style
mariana by hunniebuzz mango by hunniebuzz
gifts by hunniebuzz

this will be based on YOUR CHARACTERS, not your art!!
i really want to draw some cute characters!
you can link me to a whole folder or a single one if you'd like, but
what's most important is you link it in your FIRST comment!

to make it fair you can choose whichever
of my characters you'd like to draw <3

i'll reply in about an hour!

going shopping now ; v;
please don't be upset if i don't choose you!
and also i'm sorry i'm very odd when it comes to ATs. they 
make me very anxious orz;;

Looking to commission art...

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 8:48 AM

... of my fursona, Hunter, in her magical girl form! : 'D


I'm sorry, you all have amazing art but I need to have money for food haha !
Will reopen another journal when I get more money. <3

Magical Girl Hunter by hunniebuzz

I have a few points, but not a lot. If you only take
points, feel free to post, but I may not reply due to not having enough. ;-;

Feel free to post your commission info!!
I'll be pretty picky though because since I'm resting my finger,
I have no way of income at the moment. 
So please don't feel discouraged if I don't reply <3

Looking to commission art of a Sushi dog couple

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 4:14 PM

I'm looking for couple art of mine and my girlfriend's sooshes,
Prince ( persian love cake ) and Toki ( bunny tracks ice cream ).
they're both male by the way!

dokidoki by hunniebuzz

persian love cake by hunniebuzz  Bunny Tracks Ice Cream By Xallumz-d7v0z86 by hunniebuzz

I have roughly 3,500 :points: to spare, but I can get more!
I AM,, OFFICIALLY out of points but I'll update this journal
when I get more

I'd also be up for art trades if you have sushi dogs!
If you draw the two of them together, I'll draw two of yours
(or a triptych).

Comment if you're interested ♥

as a side note, i can't take too many
art trades because i have a friend coming to stay the week
for my girlfriend's birthday, so i'm very busy!

I'm busy but I love to draw them so I'll
accept if you have a soosh

to do:
1. art trade with pungafruit
2. art trade with m1lk-n-hunny
3. AT with Manic-Bunny 1/2
4. AT with Jelly-the-Toast

otp by tiqeress .:PC: Mini Chibi Couple Prince And Toki:. by Mayasacha
Prince and Toki by CascadingSerenity #Commission / prince and toki by amipup
Hunniebuzz by GH0STgalaxy


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 10, 2014, 10:13 PM

Please read if you're going to commission me!

All info for commissions will go into this journal!
When I'm opening slots, I will announce it through a different journal.


I will not accept fully until a reference is given.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission request.

I will not redo a piece.

If you are rude to me, you will be blacklisted. Assuming I haven't begun your commission, I will refund you. If your commission is completed, I will not.

You may ask for an estimate of when your commission will be done. This will not always be accurate.


 I have rights to all of my art. I have the right to use the artwork I draw for you for advetising my art on any site.

 You are free to post the art work on any site as long as credit is left or there's a visible watermark.


I will NOT start until I reciece payment.

I WILL NOT HOLD SLOTS. You must pay within 5 hours of requesting a slot. Failure to do so will result in the slot going to someone else.

When taking USD, I only accept via Paypal!

I will always accept the points equivilent unless specified otherwise. Please send this via the "give" menu!

For larger payments ($50+), I will send you an invoice.

I will not refund once the commission has been started.

If something comes up and I'm not able to finish
your commission, you will be refunded in full!


Won't do: Mecha, NSFW, Dark characters
(unless I can lighten them)

Strengths: Cute characters, light / pastel colors,
Canines, felines, anything similar

Weaknesses: Equines, dark colors, clutter,


Complicated characters are subject to be simplified.

I may reject because I feel I won't do your character justice or I'm uncomfortable with your request. You're free to ask for a different character.

If you're very strict on any aspect of your character's design, please say so.

You're free to request a specific pose.

You may request a different shading texture / outline color. The other patterns I have already made are here.


Prices vary between the $5 - $20 range

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Lastly, hidden comments in this journal were previous
(and completed) commissions.