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$10 grab bags (closed)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2015, 12:42 AM

i'm poor & waiting for eso to download ;; SO MANY MORE HOURS TO GOOOO.

$10 / 1000 :points: grab bags! pretty simple, not exactly grab baggy, i just dont want to make a SPECIFIC style to be drawing in. will be MOSTLY chibi like, may stray from it, idk! it'll be fully colored and lightly shaded tho
like these
[r] ssnowdrop by hunniebuzzsweet dreams by hunniebuzz

please check out my TOS !

if you don't, i won't reply! 

1. awkwaard FINISHED
2. DoubleDIsMine52695 UNPAID
3. Ent0nia FINISHED

small update

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 6:21 PM

like, a BRAND new one this time. it finally came today and i'm so excited, it's shiny and thin and has a nvIDIA DRIVER weeps. 

As such this laptop is a small precious baby and I need to install a lot on it haaha v __ v;; but i'm actually looking foreward to playing games on it ... skyrim is installing rn so i'll be gone forever after it finished and i'll also be on ESO and on FO4 the second it releases !

aside from that, i honestly want to thank the people that help me and comfort me when i'm talking about my anxiety! im super sensitive and shy abt it but its come to the point where it consumes my entire life and trying to pretend it isnt there doesnt work,, i have gad, social anxiety, and panic attacks all wrapped up into one so i feel like a wreck a lot
im working on this though, and im sorry if i shy away or don't reply to anyone or something for a bit?? im super scared of talking to ppl but it doesn't mean i dont want to yknow

i usually dont,, make updates or anything but id love to connect to u all more so

ALSO I AM STILL WORKING ON REQUESTS and the journal is still open to post in, it'll probably be up for awhile and i'll work on them in my spare time!


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2015, 1:55 AM

i may still be drawing from these comments! i will not be going in order!
please do not comment.

[r] yuumare by hunniebuzzFghjk by hunniebuzz[r] ssnowdrop by hunniebuzz

thoughts about bealets

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 3:48 PM

This'll turn out to be a little ramble on my thoughts about Beas, my experiences so far with owning a species and where I want to take them!! 

Bealets started out as a small project to help me become more confident in myself and my design skills. They're STILL that, and you wouldn't believe how much it's helped me. 
It went hand in hand with helping my anxiety. Designing them is really soothing to me? So typically when I'm having bad days with my illnesses ( granted I can sit up and draw ), I design and draw Beas !

They started out pretty simple. Small, simple and cute was all I really wanted. Just a small little creature with no "real" purpose -- one anyone could own and do whatever they wanted with, no specific rules? No structure, no world, no lore, nothing.
This goes hand in hand with my diseases, actually-- I suffer from frequent brain fog and disorientation and have a hard time keeping some thoughts and ideas together if i don't write everything down. This makes me really embarrassed about my writing and plot skills. As such... I don't typically share a lot about my worlds and characters.

I learned as time went on that that's not what I actually want with Bealets. My views have changed a bit on the subject and as I'm evolving, they will too, and I plan on working more with them and giving them more structure and lore. This is also to challenge myself and hopefully with trial and error it'll help me find ways that work FOR ME to be more organized. That's the plan, anyways! I also plan on trying to add more species to their world. ( This includes hopefully adding how they interact with humans. Originally I wanted them to be more like fairies than pets and their main purpose be to spread joy to them, but I couldn't find out a way that I wanted to execute it. Maybe I'll look into it again? )

Along with everything else, I plan on working out their anatomy a bit more! I feel like I don't draw them how I see them, so I need to work on that.

Their species traits are also something I'm putting on my to do list. I want them to be a LOT more diverse. I may be moving everything to a weebly if time permits because I HATE trying to organize everything onto a single canvas. It makes me feel limited and it's sort of a train wreck in my head. x7x

Overall... I'm fairly happy with where I've taken them so far?? I've learned a lot through trial and error and am slowly finding ways that make me feel comfortable putting the things I create out there. They're small simple creatures in appearance but mean so much to me.. ? It seems silly to a lot of people probably but as someone who's bedridden most days it's so nice to have something to focus on, no matter how small it is.

While I do plan on holding more auctions and set price batches in the future (hopefully more set price than anything), I'd love to get more bealets out to loving owners for free! I'm always, always up for suggestions on how to do this and what kind of events I can hold, big or small. <3

I'm also very open to suggestions about lore, world space, anatomy, traits, etc ! Help is always appreciated, I love being able to see others views on things.

I feel pretty silly putting a lot of emotion into these tiny little guys but ? The support you've all given me so far means more than the world to me!! I can't express my gratitude enough, honestly thank you so much.

tl;dr i love my small squishy marshmallows and want to do more with them

memem emem me mem

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 10:18 PM

i literally never do these but i'm waiting for my hair to dry so, u know what
i'll probably delete this later aaaaaaa


dA Username: hunniebuzz
Name: Hunter
Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: i MOST prefer hunter but a lot of people call me hunnie! i also don't mind hun, bon, bonnie, or bea. i also really love pet names idk...
Gender and Pronouns: Female & she/her
Age: 22 !
Country: AMERICAAAA a, aaa,
Zodiac Sign: sagittarius but my horoscope usually follows scorpio more idk idk


Number of Past Accounts: 2
Number of Past Usernames: 1 on this acc, 3 altogether
First Username: darky-chan please don't look at me
Original Join Date: i deactivated it out of shame LMAO but i have things saved from that acc from 2005...
Premium Member?: yaasss
Watchers:  2,665. where'd u all come from
Deviations: 449 : p
Favorites: 1,318. i kind of forget favories exist sometimes uh


Favorite Digital Art Program: Paintool SAI !
Favorite Traditional Art Medium: god idk i always just use whatevers near me but i use pencils mostly. HB + 4h specifically
Favorite dA Artists: probably all of them
Favorite Movies: sh it. shit shit. um? Tangled?? the fifth element, and old ones like bruce almighty and liar liar that i still quote to this day. i dont watch movies much
Favorite TV Shows: i d on't,,, watch tv. woops
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: I. LOVE. FRANK SINATRA. and dean martin and bing crosby. i adore nicki minaj and mary lambert sooooo much


Sexual Orientation: pansexual!
Religious Affiliation?: i actually don't?? identify as anything... like literally nothing
Pets: a grumpy tabby named Cali. i love her so much, she's my spoiled baby ; O ;
Number of Family Members in Household: 4 & 2 dogs & 1 cat
Scars?: all over my arms from playing with my dogs when i was younger, one on my right arm, two on my left, 3 on my stomach from a cyst removal surgery, one on each knee (both from falling im clumsy) and one on my foot
Tattoos?: nope! im too scared lmao
Piercings?: 2 on each lobe
Alcohol?: occassionally ?? i love baileysssssss omg
Drugs?: medically i take a handful of pills for various diseases but otherwise i used to smoke weed like daily ??? my girlfriends mom got me into it LMFAO for my anxiety !! and it helped me sooo so much like it was unbelievable how much my anxiety went down, but then i had a lovely (HORRIBLE) out of body experience and have avoided it like the plague ever since : p
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Well,


Digital or Traditional? digital. i need a stabilizer, my hands are sooo shakey
Beach or Mountains? beach !! i love the beach ♥^♥
Dolphins or Sharks? I LOVE BOTH. i love sharks a lot tho
Would you rather fight 100 third graders one at a time or 50 all at once?:  ??? probably... all at once
On sunny days, you: sit at my window wishing i could go outsiDE BUT I CAN'T i  used to looove to sunbathe tho!! my fav
On rainy days, you: wish for no thunder : p sets off panic attacks & scares my poor kitten
On hot days, you: bask in it. i loooove the sun !!
On cold days, you: cry, probably


1. i dye 90% of my hair bright pink :3
2. i am incredibly fatigued most days to the point of not even being able to stand
3. i've played over 1000 hours on skyrim across the pc and xbox. pls save me from this hell
4. i dropped out of high school junior year : p family problems
5. i have my GED! ohoho
6. i'm diabetic and my fingers are full of needle marks from checking my blood sugar. fun
7. i've had a very gay sexual tension with my girlfriend since the day we met in 6th grade. honestly. it was all leading up to this
8. i'm engaged! gay marriage became legal in my state recently and as soon as my girlfriend and i move out of her (possibly homophobic??) dad's house we're gonna tie the knot ♥
9. i stopped drawing from age 17-20 and repicked it up bcus, what the fuck, i love sparkle dogs
10. i talk inCREDIBLY DIFFERENTLY depending on who i'm talking to but i'm completely myself to Xallumz and pungafruit whom i've known for maybe 10 years now


How many OCs do you have? 66 publicly. private personal characters? oh lord. tack on another 91. skyrim ocs? another 18, then fallout, 4. altogether, 179
What fandom do most of them belong to? uhh. i guess skyrim since i have 18 of them
Which one is your favorite? publicly, bonnie my sushi dog. my personal characters though, shaden and diablo. i've owned shaden since i was 10 wat
Which one do you draw the most? i draw them all pretty equally actually ?? i draw my animal/public ocs more often than my personal ones tho bcus they're all humans and i don't enjoy drawing humans as much
Do you commission work of them? as much as possible!
Do you request work of them? nnnno, unless someone has requests open on a journal specifically?? i feel bad asking for art ah
Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? laughs. laughs a lot. looks at Xallumz and pungafruit and continues laughing
How do you keep track of them? holy shit, and a private site for my personal sweeties. i have seperate folders for all of my skyrim/fallout save files tho
Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? shaden to comfort me, kind of like a brother?? otherwise bonnie, she's like... my sweet baby. she means soo much to me.

Selling characters

Journal Entry: Thu May 14, 2015, 7:58 PM

lots of humanoids!!! heres some flatsales

by twinelights $25 by hunniebuzz
by twinelights
comes with 1 piece of art by me

by koru-ru $2 by hunniebuzz
by koru-ru
comes with 1 piece of art by me

Raeinni (2) by hunniebuzz
by raeinni
comes with 7 pieces of art

and here's some i'm trading
Trickyadopts by hunniebuzz PileofJunk by hunniebuzz Evelyn by hunniebuzz
if interested please only offer ferals ahh


Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2015, 4:10 PM

sorry this is a little venty

once i find a good bank account i'll probably be opening commissions and doing more YCHs, etc

the stress i have when i don't do it is overwhelming the stress i have when i have a to do list
i have little to no money to do anything with and it makes me really nervous

i really need a "solid" income

there's just so many complications

sometimes i get so sick i can't draw for days

and the other issue is my hand. it's felt better the past week, but i'm afraid of what would
happen if it got worse suddenly? my financial aid is going thru so if it gets bad i may get
an xray of it done but otherwise i think i'm going to just keep icing and stretching it in hopes
that it just settles down and goes away.

regardless of what my body does?? i can't NOT draw. i NEED to draw
i need the stress relief, i need the work. 

but if i work i'm kind of terrified of taxes???? i was never taught how they work
i don't know when i need to deal with them. i don't know how much i need to save for them

i'm just a bundle of stress right now i hate being an adult i hate being disabled i hate it

all i can do now is just get a bank, take commissions and deal with shit as it comes
thinking every second "wow i hope this works" along the way

sorry for my on-off "im going on hiatus!" the past month
i'm very stressed and i don't know what to do really
i keep getting mixed responses and getting told to do different things

i just need to find what works for me i guess

Help me name my characters!!

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 9:49 AM

My babies need names and I'm terrible at them!
If I get multiple names and I may throw a poll up so you all can help me decide.

If your name gets picked, I may give you a sketchy chibi??
It'll have to wait for a few weeks since I can't draw with my tendinitis right now, but,,
or 100 points if you'd prefer that!


Felicia by hunniebuzzDesmond by hunniebuzzSorbet by hunniebuzz
Wisteria by hunniebuzzUnnamed by hunniebuzzLucia by hunniebuzz
Iris by hunniebuzzCassidy by hunniebuzzDax by hunniebuzz
Kai by hunniebuzz