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Includes Yevrens, Trancelings, cieiia designs and an eellie design!

NO ONE IS FOR SALE. Do not offer points/money.
You can add art onto your offer, but I'm mostly looking for trades!

Finally decided to sit down and pick out some characters I'm not 100% happy with drawing or don't have ideas for! (*´▽`*)
I'm INCREDIBLY PICKY and may not trade any of these characters if I don't find trades that I love!

I probably won't reply right away unless I'm very interested, so if you want a response make sure you tell me and I'll reply ASAP!

I feel a little nervous about this so I may delete this journal later if I change my mind ; v ;
Please check out my TOS! It makes our communication much easier, trust me. I can also tell when it's not read!

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i WILL however accept a mix of paypal and points if you can't pay entirely with paypal!
each of them is drawn approx. on a 1500x1500 canvas ( shrunken down at the end! full view will be available to you! ),
and will include light shading. white outline is available upon request!

MY STYLE WILL VARY as I experiment and improve. It can also change depending on your character!

To make things simple, please use this form to comment. Failure to do so will result in getting ignored (unless you absolutely can't use this form for some reason), I'm sorry!
reference: (please give me clear references, preferably multiple!)
payment type: (paying fully with paypal or partially with points?)
any extra info: (personality? if they'd never smile, tell me! if they're always happy, tell me! etc etc)

Each piece will be finished within two weeks, if not one week! Please be patient, I'll try to begin work ASAP.



thoughts about bealets

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 3:48 PM

This'll turn out to be a little ramble on my thoughts about Beas, my experiences so far with owning a species and where I want to take them!! 

Bealets started out as a small project to help me become more confident in myself and my design skills. They're STILL that, and you wouldn't believe how much it's helped me. 
It went hand in hand with helping my anxiety. Designing them is really soothing to me? So typically when I'm having bad days with my illnesses ( granted I can sit up and draw ), I design and draw Beas !

They started out pretty simple. Small, simple and cute was all I really wanted. Just a small little creature with no "real" purpose -- one anyone could own and do whatever they wanted with, no specific rules? No structure, no world, no lore, nothing.
This goes hand in hand with my diseases, actually-- I suffer from frequent brain fog and disorientation and have a hard time keeping some thoughts and ideas together if i don't write everything down. This makes me really embarrassed about my writing and plot skills. As such... I don't typically share a lot about my worlds and characters.

I learned as time went on that that's not what I actually want with Bealets. My views have changed a bit on the subject and as I'm evolving, they will too, and I plan on working more with them and giving them more structure and lore. This is also to challenge myself and hopefully with trial and error it'll help me find ways that work FOR ME to be more organized. That's the plan, anyways! I also plan on trying to add more species to their world. ( This includes hopefully adding how they interact with humans. Originally I wanted them to be more like fairies than pets and their main purpose be to spread joy to them, but I couldn't find out a way that I wanted to execute it. Maybe I'll look into it again? )

Along with everything else, I plan on working out their anatomy a bit more! I feel like I don't draw them how I see them, so I need to work on that.

Their species traits are also something I'm putting on my to do list. I want them to be a LOT more diverse. I may be moving everything to a weebly if time permits because I HATE trying to organize everything onto a single canvas. It makes me feel limited and it's sort of a train wreck in my head. x7x

Overall... I'm fairly happy with where I've taken them so far?? I've learned a lot through trial and error and am slowly finding ways that make me feel comfortable putting the things I create out there. They're small simple creatures in appearance but mean so much to me.. ? It seems silly to a lot of people probably but as someone who's bedridden most days it's so nice to have something to focus on, no matter how small it is.

While I do plan on holding more auctions and set price batches in the future (hopefully more set price than anything), I'd love to get more bealets out to loving owners for free! I'm always, always up for suggestions on how to do this and what kind of events I can hold, big or small. <3

I'm also very open to suggestions about lore, world space, anatomy, traits, etc ! Help is always appreciated, I love being able to see others views on things.

I feel pretty silly putting a lot of emotion into these tiny little guys but ? The support you've all given me so far means more than the world to me!! I can't express my gratitude enough, honestly thank you so much.

tl;dr i love my small squishy marshmallows and want to do more with them