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Saw this going around and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm probably forgetting a lot of things though lmao
Originally by odvunir !

Bold = favorite
Underline = avoid/dislike

General Feel

  • Simple and sweet
  • Cute & bubbly
  • Beautiful colors
  • Sweet/candy themes
  • Easy to draw
  • Overly dark / hard to look at
  • Very complicated

Species Preferences

  • I actually really adore canine-like designs!! 
  • Dragons that are cute, pretty or fluffy
  • Mustelidae
  • Unique designs with no specific species in mind
  • Big, fluffy cats
  • Certain insects (bees, mantises)
  • Cervidae
  • Any kind of spider
  • Humans (for adopts, at least)

Body Type Preferences

  • Fluff / big fluffy tails or chests
  • Chubby & round
  • Mermaid/dolphin/etc tails
  • Short & tiny
  • Short snouts
  • Long tails
  • Big, fluffy ears
  • Long bodies (except for dragon-like creatures)
  • Very long limbs
  • Long snouts
  • Huge wings
  • Anything particularly angular
  • Horns (generally, but sometimes i enjoy them!)

Colour Preferences

  • Pinks & creams
  • Natural browns & creams paired with soft unnatural colors
  • Dark browns paired with pinks
  • Pink paired with blues
  • Soft, pastel purples
  • Pastel colors in general
  • Light, soft colors paired with dark blues & purples
  • Space & galaxy colors
  • Sunset/sunrise colors
  • Anything eye-burny
  • Dark, completely neutral grays & blacks
  • Holiday themed colors (except candy cane colors...♥)
  • Neon anything
  • Large amounts of red or green

Marking Preferences

  • Gradients!!!
  • Lots of spots / freckles
  • Stars
  • Multi-colored pawpads
  • Natural, animal-like markings
  • Small asymmetrical details
  • Deer spots
  • Light colored bellys
  • Sharp, geometric shapes
  • Lace-like patterns
  • Very specific markings
  • Anything that seems hard to recreate more than once

Accessories Preferences

  • Small capes & hoods, especially with fur
  • Ribbons & bows
  • Roses, flowers of any kind
  • Pearls
  • Cute, simple jewelry
  • Bells of any kind
  • Anything with stars / star-like
  • Candy / food
  • Things that glow
  • Anything geometric / armor
  • LOTS of piercings
  • Anything overly complicated
  • Goggles / glasses
  • Anything with writing on it

Miscellaneous Preferences

  • I really just love simple canine-like designs, even if it's not supposed to be a canine?? I love drawing that kind of anatomy and it's very nostalgic to me, so I'm very positive to it, so long as it's done well!
  • If it has a moon / star theme, it makes my heart sing.
  • A general soft, delicate aesthetic
  • I'm drawn to anything that's like eye candy
  • I just really like cute things I'm sorry
  • ANYTHING HEAVILY BASED on copyrighted characters!!! (References are ok but I don't want them looking exactly the same)
  • A LOT of human-like hair (Some is fine, but I have a hard time drawing really full, long hair on animals)
  • Overly complicated, need-to-check-reference-every-two-seconds-while-drawing designs.
A new trade/sell journal just for my Trancelings!!

I have a LOT of them and I really need to cut back.…

For those I can sell ; their price is listed on their page! you may offer however much you'd like, so long
as it's not over the buyout price. I'll also accept points.

For those I can trade ; i'll look at anything. if you link me a, please mention who you won't trade.
I'd be willing to trade multiples for the right character!!

Please don't offer art.

There's two I won't trade, Fae and Fauna. That's listed on their page so it's easier to remember!
Includes lots of Trancelings (3 for trade, 1 for sale), a Pasemi, and a Bealet, plus 2 misc. designs!

For the characters I can sell ; The price listed is a "buy it now", in a sense,
but feel free to offer however much you'd like. (As long as it's BELOW the listed price!)
I'll also take points!

For trades ; I'd prefer NON-CS offers, however I may look at other Trancelings or Pasemi. Please don't offer art!

I'm super picky so please don't take it personally if I decline!! ;_;
Feel free to comment here or note me!
I hope you're all having a wonderful December irregardless of what you celebrate!! ♥

i just opened gifts with my family and we got a bunch of kitchenware stuff and a ps4!!! so i can play kh2.8 and 3 WHENEVER SQUARE DECIDES TO RELEASE IT, screams into the void

I want to be more active again, so for the special occassion I'll be taking requests from current watchers only!!
I'll work on some gifts throughout the next week and hopefully have some things to post for a bit ^v^ ♥
Just comment with some refs and I'll try to get as much done as I can. Merry Christmas!! <3
Please note I won't be able to get to everyone, as much as I'd like to ;__;
i'm really low on cash and all i really feel like drawing is sooshes haha

sugar puffs by hunniebuzz
$8 a pop, paypal only please!
please include a reference in your comment

that way we're on the same page and you know my rules! it'll only take 10 seconds.

1. Papinella 
2. Papinella 
3. witchpaws 
4. witchpaws 
5. goatr 
6. goatr 
hi friends!

i've been putting this off, mostly because i haven't had the energy or will to do so, but i need to do it eventually so

i'm feeling really sick and quite frankly, my depression has been flaring up pretty bad as of late
i'm finding it hard to do anything, im struggling to function. i'm so tired and in so much pain.

everything is "fine", i think i'm just getting a little sick again. my symptoms are very scary so they
take a really big toll on me, but i'll be ok.

i havent been drawing which is why i havent been posting and i really need to save up energy for
my 5 year anniversary coming up (which is very very important to me). we wont be able to go out or do
something fancy but selling some characters has given me the ability to buy my sweetheart and i things that
we really love, so we're forever grateful to those of you who've bought from me.

to those who won my giveaway; your art will be completed! i just have no will to draw right now, 
but do note i will not remove you from my to do list. it'll get done! ill recontact everyone once im better
to see if theyd want me to switch characters but otherwise they'll get finished. thank you for your patience!

i digress, i'm going on a short semi-hiatus. i'll be "here", mostly monitoring the groups im an admin for
and trying to respond to others, but it'll take me awhile. i've been finding it really hard to even check da or
get on my laptop in general lately so dont expect immediate answers or anything

sorry everyone. i'll be ok and ill be back soon!<3
note me if you need to contact me. ill answer you as soon as i possibly can.
Since I have a lot of health problems, sometimes just... randomly passing is a pretty big concern of mine.
Sometimes my anxiety convinces me it's happening in weeks, days, hours, minutes. 

I need to say this and put it out there to give myself some comfort that just in case
ANYTHING ever happens to me, you'll have an idea of what's going on with things that belong to me.

This account will stay up forever and I will never voluntarily deactivate it.

Second, if anything ever happens to me, all of my characters and their art will belong to Xallumz .

To species owners: I want characters kept UNDER MY NAME with Xallumz as co-owner. They will still
always be mine, but will find a partial home under my girlfriend so they can continue to live on.

If your rules state no co-owning, then put Xallumz as the main owner.

If something ever happens to me, Xallumz will make a journal informing everyone.
I give her full ability to answer any and all questions that are asked. She will then have full 
control and access to my account to do with what she pleases.
Please understand that she may be in a terrible place if this ever happens. It may be hard to reply to anything
or even have anything to do with this account. Please respect her for this and do not pester her.

I'm sure nothing will happen to me anytime soon!!! but this is just to give me comfort that everyone
knows what I wanted with my things just in case something terrible happens. Thank you.
So sorry for the delay!! I got really caught up in playing KH2 ; _ ; eheh...



Vivalavaughn - premium by hunniebuzz
viva-la-vaughn !!

CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be sending a 3 month core your way immediately!


7thcuil by hunniebuzzWifflin by hunniebuzzTorotixgiveaway by hunniebuzzJazzchinchilla by hunniebuzzDivinely by hunniebuzz
:icon7thcuil: :iconwifflin: :icontorotix: :icondivineiy: :iconjazzchinchilla:
7thCuil Wifflin Torotix DivineIy JazzChinchilla 

CONGRATULATIONS! Please comment here or note me with a reference of who you want me to draw!


I LOVE hosting giveaways and I love to give back to all of you!! I hope I get to do so much more in the future, once things settle down in my life a bit.

Thank you all for being here so much! I honestly wish I could do something for ALL of you. Maybe with enough giveaways and time I'll get there, haha. ♥
((angry rant about shitty vets ahead))

This was my first experience with taking my cat to a vet.
If you have pets, a vet visit is inevitable. Prepare for it. Please, you'll thank yourself later.

You, as your pet's owner, need to watch out for your pets well being.
Ask what they're trying to put into your pets body. Ask about possible side effects. Inquire about blood tests.
Talk about care. Talk about how medicine should be correctly administrated. Talk about how to clean a wound.
Research. See what other people's experiences are. 


I learned this the hard way.

Cali went a full week with a gaping wound and got a shot that I didn't want her to take.
The Vet told me nothing, the technicians told me unhelpful and false things.

Use your god damn better judgement. If something they say seems off, you may be right.

My vet and tech said that Cali should be cleaning her wound. So I trusted them, even though 
both me and Xallumz thought that was... off?

So she cleaned it...
And cleaned it... and cleaned it... and cleaned it... and ripped the scab and skin off... and cleaned it...


I had a visit with another Vet yesterday and I said, "How often should she be cleaning this?"

She told me, "I'd like to see her not cleaning it at all."

Ok! That's not what we were fucking told! At this point Cali was pretty prone to getting 
another fucking infection because of the damage she did to it by over grooming???

So we put a cone on her overnight. I check her wound this morning. What do i see?

IT'S FUCKING CLOSED HALFWAY. It was open all week, when we could've clearly helped her
heal faster by having her NOT clean it. 

This is fucking ridiculous and I'm???? FUCKING FUMING. ONE NIGHT of a cone and it looks

LEARN FROM ME. TALK THOROUGHLY TO YOUR VET. Make sure you know exactly what your pet is going through.
Ask too many damn questions. If they aren't helpful, FIND ANOTHER VET ASAP. 

Please. please please please. Your baby's life is in your hands. You are their entire world.
Make sure your vet is someone you can thoroughly trust. Don't make my mistake.


GIVEAWAY WINNERSSo sorry for the delay!! I got really caught up in playing KH2 ; _ ; eheh...

viva-la-vaughn !!
CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be sending a 3 month core your way immediately!

:icon7thcuil: :iconwifflin: :icontorotix: :icondivineIy: :iconjazzchinchilla:
7thCuil Wifflin Torotix DivineIy JazzChinchilla 
CONGRATULATIONS! Please comment here or note me with a reference of who you want me to draw!
I LOVE hosting giveaways and I love to give back to all of you!! I hope I get to do so much more in the future, once things settle down in my life a bit.
Thank you all for being here so

I want to give back to all of you for being absolutely amazing!!

As I'm typing this, me and my girlfriend have finally gotten more than 4 hours of sleep,
Cali is peacefully in my lap and back to her usual self! Though her fever is still making her
a bit tired, she has her personality back, and she seems so much more comfortable. ♥

The love and support all of you send me when I'm having a rough time just blows me away,
so while I can't do something for every one of you, I'm going to try to give a little something back.



► read the rules thoroughly please!!!
► this is for current watchers only. every watcher before i posted this journal counts. do not watch me just to enter!
► this will end exactly a week from now, on AUGUST 5TH.
► there will be two separate giveaways, please read through everything to make sure you enter correctly!
► you may enter both giveaways!
► if for some reason you don't follow the rules, your comment will be hidden / you'll be disqualified!



All art will be done in basically whatever style I feel most comfortable at the time,
but each will be a fully colored and at LEAST lightly shaded piece!
sweet by hunniebuzz[c] owlity by hunniebuzzLani by hunniebuzz

► you MUST provide me with a CLEAR REFERENCE to your character once you've won! multiple references are preferred.
► please be patient! give me up to a month to complete your prize.
► i will not be doing humans/anthros at this time, i'm so sorry!
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!!



A giveaway for my watchers that DO NOT HAVE A PREMIUM "CORE" ALREADY!
**EDIT** THERE WILL BE 1 WINNER, One 3 month premium!

COMMENT TO ENTER, make sure to say you'd like to enter the Premium Giveaway!!
► you must NOT already have a premium to enter! 
► if your premium is ending within the week, you MAY enter!
► premiums will be sent the moment this giveaway ends.
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!


That's it! Chances are I've forgotten something so I may change this journal in a bit,
but everything is generally as it should be. Please make sure you've read everything through!

Finally, thank you all so much for just being here. Watching me and supporting my art
means the world to me and it keeps me going. I may have quit art by now if not for all
of you, but I've learned that it's truly a passion of mine over the past 2 years and I'm
excited to do it for the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!
i'm not sure if you guys want updates on my cat or not but here goes

she had her follow up today ( a day early due to sneezing/runny eyes )
she licked the scab off of her abscess so she kind of has this. nickel sized hole on her butt.
it's not bleeding or leaking much which i think is a good thing but it's ...well. still an open wound

they gave us little to no instructions other than warm compress so she cleaned it a lot

every time we compress it we take a picture of it ( disgusting ) to see how it's healing is progressing
and it definitely looks... different

but the vet said it's not looking as good as it could
and my poor baby needs to wear a cone and might need antibiotics if it gets infected again

still needs warm compress, now i need to wipe it with a disinfectant and she's not happy

about the sneezing/runny eyes... she thinks its a URI, you all did, me and xal did, but I still worried
She's ok. got her eyes checked, no ulcers, no scratches etc. 

So she has eye drops for her eye to feel better. She's such a good girl for letting me put them in so easily.

She's struggling with her cone but I think she's ok now. She's eating WELL and drinking a lot and 
not over sleeping, her stool is fine ( albeit little due to low residue diet )

She could still get another infection if her wound doesn't start to heal so she's not out of the woods yet
but right in THIS second, she's ok. That's enough for me right now x _ x




cali had an anal gland abscess 
she's otherwise in good health

it's been drained, she's getting an antibiotic and an anti inflammatory
she's going to be back with us in under an hour

thank you all SO much for your thoughts and kind generous words, 
reading your comments helped me through these terrible hours where
i thought i might lose my sweet cali. thank you so much.

i've never dealt with something like this before so it was very, very stressful
and i feel incredibly sick

honestly, thank you so much. i'll post pictures of my baby when she's in good health. <3


we had to leave her. she needs to get sedated and has such a high fever we dont know how she'll react

im terrified

please keep cali in your thoughts


please wish my sweet little daughter good luck

Kitty by hunniebuzz CA6G8uXWAAA6sgh by hunniebuzz CCBr2p WIAA TfO by hunniebuzz

my sweet baby my perfect little angel i love her so much
Please check out my TOS! It makes our communication much easier, trust me. I can also tell when it's not read!

Lani by hunniebuzz calico by hunniebuzzResized by hunniebuzzResized by hunniebuzzResized by hunniebuzz


i WILL however accept a mix of paypal and points if you can't pay entirely with paypal!
each of them is drawn approx. on a 1500x1500 canvas ( shrunken down at the end! full view will be available to you! ),
and will include light shading. white outline is available upon request!

MY STYLE WILL VARY as I experiment and improve. It can also change depending on your character!

To make things simple, please use this form to comment. Failure to do so will result in getting ignored (unless you absolutely can't use this form for some reason), I'm sorry!
reference: (please give me clear references, preferably multiple!)
payment type: (paying fully with paypal or partially with points?)
any extra info: (personality? if they'd never smile, tell me! if they're always happy, tell me! etc etc)

Each piece will be finished within two weeks, if not one week! Please be patient, I'll try to begin work ASAP.



thoughts about bealets

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 3:48 PM

This'll turn out to be a little ramble on my thoughts about Beas, my experiences so far with owning a species and where I want to take them!! 

Bealets started out as a small project to help me become more confident in myself and my design skills. They're STILL that, and you wouldn't believe how much it's helped me. 
It went hand in hand with helping my anxiety. Designing them is really soothing to me? So typically when I'm having bad days with my illnesses ( granted I can sit up and draw ), I design and draw Beas !

They started out pretty simple. Small, simple and cute was all I really wanted. Just a small little creature with no "real" purpose -- one anyone could own and do whatever they wanted with, no specific rules? No structure, no world, no lore, nothing.
This goes hand in hand with my diseases, actually-- I suffer from frequent brain fog and disorientation and have a hard time keeping some thoughts and ideas together if i don't write everything down. This makes me really embarrassed about my writing and plot skills. As such... I don't typically share a lot about my worlds and characters.

I learned as time went on that that's not what I actually want with Bealets. My views have changed a bit on the subject and as I'm evolving, they will too, and I plan on working more with them and giving them more structure and lore. This is also to challenge myself and hopefully with trial and error it'll help me find ways that work FOR ME to be more organized. That's the plan, anyways! I also plan on trying to add more species to their world. ( This includes hopefully adding how they interact with humans. Originally I wanted them to be more like fairies than pets and their main purpose be to spread joy to them, but I couldn't find out a way that I wanted to execute it. Maybe I'll look into it again? )

Along with everything else, I plan on working out their anatomy a bit more! I feel like I don't draw them how I see them, so I need to work on that.

Their species traits are also something I'm putting on my to do list. I want them to be a LOT more diverse. I may be moving everything to a weebly if time permits because I HATE trying to organize everything onto a single canvas. It makes me feel limited and it's sort of a train wreck in my head. x7x

Overall... I'm fairly happy with where I've taken them so far?? I've learned a lot through trial and error and am slowly finding ways that make me feel comfortable putting the things I create out there. They're small simple creatures in appearance but mean so much to me.. ? It seems silly to a lot of people probably but as someone who's bedridden most days it's so nice to have something to focus on, no matter how small it is.

While I do plan on holding more auctions and set price batches in the future (hopefully more set price than anything), I'd love to get more bealets out to loving owners for free! I'm always, always up for suggestions on how to do this and what kind of events I can hold, big or small. <3

I'm also very open to suggestions about lore, world space, anatomy, traits, etc ! Help is always appreciated, I love being able to see others views on things.

I feel pretty silly putting a lot of emotion into these tiny little guys but ? The support you've all given me so far means more than the world to me!! I can't express my gratitude enough, honestly thank you so much.

tl;dr i love my small squishy marshmallows and want to do more with them